SaladDescription1/2 TrayFull Tray
GardenGreen leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber,Carrots, black olives, green peppers, bermuda onions, croutons and choice of dressing$19.99$36.99
Garden salad topped with grilled chicken$30.39$57.99
SpinachSpinach - Fresh spinach, hard boiled eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons and choice of dressing$27.79$49.99
CaesarGreen leaf lettuce, grilled chicken, roasted peppers, romano cheese, croutons and Caesar dressing$30.39$57.99
ChefRoast beef, turkey, ham, swiss cheese, bacon, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers croutons and choice of dressing$30.39$57.99
Peppercorn Chicken & PastaPenne pasta, pieces of grilled chicken, mandarin oranges,celery, red grapes and peppercorn dressing$30.39$57.99
Dressings - honey mustard, russian, parmesan peppercorn, blue cheese, italian, balsamic vinaigrette and lite zinfindel vinaigrette


SaladDescription1/2 TrayFull Tray
PastaBow-tie pasta, sliced cherry tomatoes,broccoli, carrot, black olives, provolone cheese, garlic and olive oil.$19.99$36.99
Fresh Fruithoneydew, cantaloupe, pineapple and grapes.$29.99$52.99
TortelliniCheese tortellini, fresh basil, roasted peppers, garlic, olive oil and red wine vinegar$27.79$49.99
New England PotatoWhite potatoes, onions, blended herbs and Hellmann's mayonnaise.$19.99$36.99
MacaroniElbow macaroni, red peppers, onions, vinegar, Hellmann's mayonnaise and spices.$19.99$36.99
Cole SlawShredded cabbage, carrots, onions, red wine vinegar and HellmannÂ’s mayonnaise.$19.99$36.99


EntreesDescription1/2 TrayFull Tray
Baked ZitiPenne pasta, tomato sauce and ricotta cheese, topped with provolone and grated romano.$21.00$40.30
LasagnaLayers of lasagna noodles, tomato sauce, ricotta, provolone and grated romano.$27.20$50.38
Meat LasagnaLayers of lasagna noodles, sliced meatballs, tomato sauce, ricotta, provolone and grated romano.$34.10$60.39
Vegetable LasagnaLayers of lasagna noodles, fresh spinach, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, onions, tomato sauce, ricotta, provolone and grated romano.$34.10$60.39
Eggplant ParmesanBreaded and baked eggplant, layered with tomato sauce, ricotta, provolone and grated romano.$34.10$60.39
Meatballs and Sauce2 ounce italian style meatballs and our homemade tomato sauce.(25) $34.10(45) $54.10
Sausage and PeppersSweet italian sausage, roasted with bell peppers, onions, garlic an olive oil.$34.10$60.39
Chicken and Sausage MedleyChunks of boneless chicken breast, sweet italian sausage, potatoes, bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, white wine and chicken broth.$37.99$69.99
Chicken MarsalaChunks of boneless chicken breast and fresh mushrooms, sauteed in a marsala wine brown sauce.$37.99$69.99
Chicken PicattaChunks of boneless chicken breast, sauteed in a lemon and white wine sauce$37.99$69.99
Chicken FrancaiseChunks of boneless chicken breast, egg and flour battered and sauteed in a lemon and white wine sauce$37.99$69.99
Sirloin TipsChunks of to round, sauteed with bell peppers, mushrooms and onions in a brown sauce$55.99$83.15


PlatterDescriptionPlatter of Six
SpecialtyA step above the ordinary sandwich, from the breads to the flavored mayos, dressings and creative toppings these sandwiches are a must.$41.70
BasicsMade with all the same quality breads, meats and cheeses that go into our specialty sandwiches, the basics are geared towards those with simple tastes and come with lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard only.$36.00
Giant WedgesMade from 2 - 6 feet, choose from our specialty sandwiches Or create your own. For your special occasions letters and numbers are also available.$ 16.00 per ft.


Bite size pieces of chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, black and white shortbread cookies, italian butter cookies, poundcakes and brownies topped with confectionery sugar.

(serves 10-15)
(serves 15-20)
(serves 20-25)
(serves 25-30)


Utensils, serving spoons, plates, cups and napkins – $0.25 per person